I recently tried to compile my custom framework zxStuff in c89 and found out I had been using much C++ based code. Since the goal of the framework was to support this old standard I had no choice but to begin a rewrite before continuing with the application, the C++ side of it will continue to work the same once I finish but the c89 end had to be done 1st to prevent conflicts in the future as this will eventually be the only 3rd party framework HackerEX relies on.

Now some of you may have been wandering if this future change will effect backward compatibility, well worry not because I am designing HackerEX to rely on 2 external libraries that handle the data & gui, the data will not care which framework it is in because it shall use c89 style data objects (which are forbidden from having internal functions), this in turn means even if the handling is different the result will be the same.

This rewrite however does mean I may have to push my deadline back a bit, at most I only expect a push of 3 moths more as I have already done between 1/3 to 1/2 of the rewrite. For now I will ignore Unix support until I have Windows support functioning correctly (I am primarily based on Win7 but am aiming as far as WinXP – Win95 if I can help it).


When I first started this project I had no clear vision of how I wanted it to operate, only that I wanted a GUI that didn’t have missing / broken functionality, as I programmed I had ideas flow through my head every now and then and in order to incorporate those ideas I had to improve the flexibility of the code. Now however I have finally settled on a structure that is convenient for both me and whoever wants to expand on it’s code base (namely the formats it supports). Right now I am currently focusing on finishing the core of the GUI/s, after which I will then bring back the full hacking functionality that it should support for now. Because I’m lazy this may take up to 3 months but I don’t think it will take longer than that but for now I have church to go to.

Hacklist interpreter complete

Hacklist interpreter complete

The new hack loading functions are now complete and use a much smaller amount of RAM while a hack is loaded, this in turn means that Hacklists that are ridiculously large can be loaded effortlessly.

While I still do not recommended using an old computer for this tool it is now capable of functioning without causing it to crash as long as the PC in question can offer up to 256MB of RAM (Educated Guess) to HackerEX.

I still need to add the manipulation functions, however I am now satisfied that the load/save functions can replace the old ones when I get round to it.

Getting there…

HackerEX 2 is starting to take shape in terms of the loading lists, to store temporary data more easily without modifying the original the program now relies on temporary files, this helps to reduce the memory being used by the program, also an issue that the previous GUI had will be resolved in the same way this one is being resolved because the functions are being designed to be used from a DLL at a later point so all loading/listing will become unified in behaviour while at the same time reducing the reliance on RAM to store temporary data, this in turn frees RAM for smarter Searches.

One thing to note however is that large hack lists will possibly be slower to use on timer based loops, I’ll do what I can to make this as unnoticeable as possible but there are limits, old hardware and/or operating systems will make this apparent (not that I believe anyone will actually try but it can run if there is enough RAM).

Since this is still in-complete I would recommend backing up your database before trying it out (if you plan to compile SVN code), I plan to have this ready by February but things don’t always go to plan so don’t hold you’re breath just yet. Once I finish with the loading/saving side of things I will move straight onto the hacking side of things so that the interface can at least be used for existing hack lists (I’ll work on more formats later but for now it at least supports adding in formats other than HackerEX v1 Format).

I’ll do another screen shot once I got the Hack list loading correctly. Good night 🙂


Many scientists try to either disprove or prove the existence of God, I realised something a while ago however that makes it impossible for God to not exist.

Let’s start with the wherever you are right now, if you walked in a single direction and could ignore gravity and your own body’s mortality and it’s solidity you would eventually come to a solid object, perhaps a wall, since in this scenario you can walk straight through it you would do that and see what is on the other side, perhaps another object or maybe more empty space, either way you would have started another start point and end point.

Now you could continue to do this on an infinite cycle eventually going past the boundaries of outer-space ( here this refers to the empty space that contains our universe ) and the cycle could still continue endlessly.

Now we apply this cycle to any direction including the size of stuff, which means smaller than even the “God Particle” that scientists are searching for or bigger than outer-space.

With this constant cycle it means that if you could live forever and go through solid objects and ignore gravity then you would eventually find some form of Magic, with this being true it also means that you would also be able to find God eventually maybe at the same time but never before since he must have Magic to be the entity that is refereed to in the Bible.

However there is still more, next we take all these things that be found with this endless cycle and refer to it as Existence, with Existence everything that has physical form of some kind must have a start and end point.

This also holds true for anything that is created, it must have a destruction point – For Life this is referred to as the conception and death of the body, I do not use the word birth here because birth cannot happen without the body first being created which here means being conceived.

This means that while God’s vessel can die his mind and power is still recreated again in another vessel that will then be used to manipulate that which God has made – this is what I believe the Bible refers to when it says God needs nothing to exist or survive.

This also holds true for people, the reason that we do not have powers like that of God however would likely be because God is overseeing this cycle and ensuring we are not given this as this power is usually used to start wars.

There we have it, the most scientific proof I can conceive for God, whether he forgives me or not for requiring this to start believing in him is something only he will know until the day my body dies.