After having to re-install a number of things including my OS I lost my motivation for awhile (but not my notes and files). Recently I regained it but had problems with wxWidgets but now that has been resolved and I can get to work on the new version. There are some things I will have to ignore for now in order to get it ready for the new year (main thing being UNIX support) but I have begun work on library attachment so another method of hacking will become user friendly through HackerEX.

The library attachment will be experimental so for now I will restrict that to a Debug version until I happy the overall code is safe for general use. While there is only so much I can do about the memory usage I have targeted that with the new GUI I mentioned, at the same time it will also deal with instances where I forgot to code the function like last time. For now I won’t focus on the code tree thing but the object is there at the ready for me to program it when I get round to it, until then it will be treated as a list object.

When all this is done I will release the first truly Stable release as version 2.0 as 1.0 was to be a finished version of the previous set of Betas (which I might still do later). I probably won’t finish the Hacking side of things until the new year because I will need to implement the database interface fully first, and this I need to start from scratch almost as the code from the previous one will not directly port to this one as this one is sharing objects.