You’ve probably been wandering what is going on with HackerEX, right now I’m developing an object that will be vital for supporting emulators, normal apps won’t care but emulators sometimes need to support integers / floats not supported by the host hardware / os which means that to support the search of these values I have to use a more flexible (albiet slightly slower) object that interacts with an array of bytes and gets the result desired, all other objects that interact with other variables can then wrap around this while maintaining the desired functionality. I’m almost complete with this object (floating values are the next on the agenda) and it will be thoroughly helpful in making the search algorithm more flexible.

On another note I got baptised last sunday (21/04/13), I did this to show my loyalty to God & Jesus as it they to whom we all answer and it is through trust in Jesus having died for us that we will go to heaven. All of what I do now would be meaningless if I didn’t hold this trust as I would be heading to hell for my sins in life (this program could possibly be one, not yet sure on that though).