Dialogue Implimentations

Started implementing dialogues to reduce memory usage further, doing so should cut down the required memory overall and reduce the chance of overflow. Also makes it easier to load many instances of data types that eat up memory without causing the Search() function to overflow and crash the application later.

Implementing this will take a while however the functions that rely on this data are easy to modify so as soon as I finished these dialogues I’ll have a Beta uploaded for everyone to make use of. It’ll be marked as Beta because there may be one or two things I forgot to re-implement and 1.0 is supposed to have everything implemented for Windows at least – GUI will work fine on other platforms but hacking stuff will NOT work.

Bug Fix

I fixed the hanging after discovering a mistake in the variable declarations that prevented the loop from cutting off the way it normally would. Just a few more functions to re-implement and I’ll be ready to upload the improved Beta. I’ll take off the Beta status when I am certain I have implemented all GUI based functions, OS related ones can simply be added on in the relevant pre-processor places – Windows code will help identify where to add OS specific code.

Improved Search Function

I’ve re-implemented the Search() function with improvements that allow it to use roughly 25% less memory, however thanks to that I have increased the limit of the buffer sizes to improve speed instead – to revert the memory usage just go to hexType.h file and change the value of the readSize variable back to 0x10000000 again (when I do upload this that is). Working on the ShowOut() function now which displays the results, it’s currently hanging or something similar so it may be a while before I post again.

Been redesigning the way data is stored for both file based and memory based.
The idea is that the entire Database of Progams, RAM, Profiles and codelists should be within one folder for simple sharing whilst on the memory side the big difference is the reduced memory usage of the Search function.
Also been re-writing code from scratch so that can simplify it and make it easier to read and in turn easier to modify by the more experienced hackers, maybe even add to the operation systems that it supports.
Still working out a few kinks that are ruining the Save/Load Experience before focusing on bringing back the lost Hacking support before finally uploading all these new changes – I left the code that compiles into a moderately working release as the last uploaded revision, all the above changes are on my local copy so that it doesn’t interfere with the features already supported by the public copy.