I recently tried to compile my custom framework zxStuff in c89 and found out I had been using much C++ based code. Since the goal of the framework was to support this old standard I had no choice but to begin a rewrite before continuing with the application, the C++ side of it will continue to work the same once I finish but the c89 end had to be done 1st to prevent conflicts in the future as this will eventually be the only 3rd party framework HackerEX relies on.

Now some of you may have been wandering if this future change will effect backward compatibility, well worry not because I am designing HackerEX to rely on 2 external libraries that handle the data & gui, the data will not care which framework it is in because it shall use c89 style data objects (which are forbidden from having internal functions), this in turn means even if the handling is different the result will be the same.

This rewrite however does mean I may have to push my deadline back a bit, at most I only expect a push of 3 moths more as I have already done between 1/3 to 1/2 of the rewrite. For now I will ignore Unix support until I have Windows support functioning correctly (I am primarily based on Win7 but am aiming as far as WinXP – Win95 if I can help it).