Almost ready for marking as Stable

HackerEX Beta 9 is out now

  • Fixed Forgetting of number of sessions ( forgot to save the total sessions )
  • Fixed Editor bug where it stopped updating under certain circumstances
  • Fixed Result selection bug where the address was displayed in the value box as well instead of the first value.
  • Editor now auto-updates as you modify the read address
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Hack tree now auto-updates after selecting a profile.
  • Move button now does what it’s supposed to
  • Move function now tries using the next element when moving right, if there is none there then it will create one before moving the selected node.

To those who were getting frustrated at how long this took to come out, all I can say is sorry I was lazy. I had wanted to add some experimental UNIX support but I’m having trouble setting up my environment variables on my Kubuntu version of Code::Blocks, it will have to wait a while now.

I don’t plan on doing any more updates for a while because simply put I’m bored now, I suggest not checking back on HackerEX until next year. On another note if there is anything you see missing or buggy please post a ticket or message so I know to what to target when I eventually come back to it.

Final Major Fixes ( I Think )

HackerEX Beta 8 is out now:

  • Finished Session support, limited to 5 sessions that will be remembered. Also to reduce accidents the program will not automatically save the session when it closes. Will need to change LastSession in hex.ini to Session_1.
  • Added a feature to Profile dialogue, will now display area in list.
  • Fixed master code for “Final Fantasy 12 ( UK )”, somehow got chewed up during porting first time when I was first experimenting. Lucky I had thought to save original PS2 raw elsewhere before hand.
  • Fixed Scrolling and Selection being forgotten by Editor whenever it updates – That seriously irritated me.

Fixed the Fix

HackerEX Beta 7 is out now:

  • Really fix the Search function this time, tested on known address that takes more than 1 search to narrow down.
  • Really fix the duplicate column bug in results, first fix only got rid of cells
  • Minor bug fix for Code analysing, noticed while attempting to fix a code – I’ll get back on that now that I finished fixing the most needed functions.
  • Brought back automatic data fill when selecting result ( including setting editor read address )

Search Algorithm Fix

HackerEX Beta 6 is out now:

  • Added the missing piece of the Search Algorithim that I forgot to implement. Tested on known address to confirm is working. This also fixed the displaying invalid results.
  • Fixed duplicate columns in Result Tab.
  • Fixed the “Infinite Sprint” hack from “Final Fantasy 12” uk version – now wait’s until the Chocobo has finished sprinting to override ( have to open menu or change area to see override )
  • Database and DLLs are now divided from main EXEs making updates easier on data limits.