More fixes

HackerEX Beta 4 is out now.

  • Fixed issue with editor grid not modifying memory correctly for anything larger than 1 byte.
  • Fixed issue with Editor not updating after it’s been written directly into ( most noticeable when timed update is off or slow ).
  • Fixed issue with Floating Point Text not validating correctly.
  • Dialogues will now auto-rename files when saving. ( Partially Tested )

Note: FP usage is untested when it comes to Searching / Hacking – Best to confirm the Hex of the FP is the same as a known FP from you’re app before it should be relied on.

Editor Improvement

HackerEX Beta 3 is out now.

Preliminary support for editing grid has been added:

  • For now grid needs to be manually updated when a cell has been modified
  • Anything above 1 byte is not going to come out correctly when entered via a cell – The box under the “Write” button will do this correctly however.

Fixed the issue with the grid not updating when the edit update box is set to something other than “Never”.

Fixed issue with find_TXTOnChange being transferred to other boxes.

First Executable

I have uploaded the first Executable for public use, I mark this as a beta because there is a known issue that simply annoying rather than a problem, you’ll find this out if you ever use the Editor Tab. There are features I may have missed so please post them at Google, it is linked in the About Tab. Until I think of a fix for the editor grid and implement the remaining GUI features I will not promote this to Stable status. Here is the link:¬†

1 week 4 HackerEX Beta

Been playing around with the GUI to squeeze out more space and possibly allow icons at a later date.

The Code Dialogue is the last I need to complete which will be much easier to use now that the space is not so restricted anymore.

On another note the Editor interface has undergone an improvement¬† that permits more options whilst retaining the large size of the grid that displays memory. Also List Codes can now loop like any other normal code which has permitted me to shorten a code from FF12 to a 1/4 of it’s original length – this is restricted to HackerEX format though.

Codelists now no longer need the ;Number that was in the experimental format because a solid format has been made that will be easy to understand (Once I get round to documenting it).

Beta nearly ready

I’ve almost finished with the dialogues that will reduce memory usage for large databases, also simplified the database layout for folders and files, now using simpler file extensions that are truly relevant to HackerEX. Once I finished the Final Dialogue I will double check the important features are in place before uploading to SVN and compiling the Windows version for download.