I’ve had some ideas for improving not only the GUI but also how much memory HackerEX uses, there might be a slight slowdown with the Hooking process but I will include an option to disable the memory enhancement ( It’s only needed if you use overwhelmingly large Hack Lists / Trees ).

I’ve also thought of a way to begin supporting UNIX without sacrificing speed, I will do this by adding ONE variable when compiling the Library that the new GUI will rely on – this will then be set at start up to enable quick analysis of which actions are supported by the system.

I’ve also had ideas on how to include certain bits of information that would typically be used by save editors but can be used for processes as well, this idea however did require a bump up on the codelist version and in order to support auto-upgrade of old lists I had to spend some time thinking through what the new loading function should look like.

All in all once I get my lazy butt in gear this will be a much more useful tool for creating trainers, patches and save editors because the hacker will have a clearer overview of what their hacks are doing ( I’m also turning the visual codelist into a codetree that display simple stuff like “write to 0x0A 3 times while decreasing address by 2” )

There will also be the option of turning off lines of code where instead the program will assume 0 for these allowing codelist files to be even smaller where possible.

However I make no promises about how fast I will be for this so for now stick to the assumption that I won’t finish until the new year at least – I will make another post then to give you another time frame.