Slow Progress

Hi all! Been a while, was mainly playing games but also did a bit of the interface on the side. The functions are mostly complete on the Database side, what ever is missing I’ll most likely catch when I make adjustments to the old GUI so that I may plug the Library right into it thus making much of each GUI behave the same as each other (minor differences may occur if one supports something the other does not).

I have now made untested support for the results GUI, instead of the limited support the previous had this new functionality will now allow viewing of all results regardless of how many there are (just not all at once), it will do this by loading the required information from the search files in chunks (number of rows * number of columns = max results displayed at once), the rows will be adjustable but the columns will be fixed to reduce the time it takes to set up the grid (if at all) for filling.

Before I can test the results interface I need to do the search interface (these need to be implemented simultaneously), this is proving to be difficult since I am trying to implement something that ArtMoney does, searching values at various byte lengths. This will take some time as I’m am trying to keep it efficient so that there is little noticeable difference in the time it takes to perform the search. It was simple on the previous GUI as it was a fixed length however as I’m now trying to take into account a variable length I am also having to adjust the way in which I test the values themselves so it will be a while before I get this right (also I’m lazy).

Once I have completed this I will upload the new GUI as a release candidate and begin working on plugging in the old GUI into the library instead of built in support. Whilst I’m doing that I would appreciate feedback on the RC to help identify missing functionality.