Getting there…

HackerEX 2 is starting to take shape in terms of the loading lists, to store temporary data more easily without modifying the original the program now relies on temporary files, this helps to reduce the memory being used by the program, also an issue that the previous GUI had will be resolved in the same way this one is being resolved because the functions are being designed to be used from a DLL at a later point so all loading/listing will become unified in behaviour while at the same time reducing the reliance on RAM to store temporary data, this in turn frees RAM for smarter Searches.

One thing to note however is that large hack lists will possibly be slower to use on timer based loops, I’ll do what I can to make this as unnoticeable as possible but there are limits, old hardware and/or operating systems will make this apparent (not that I believe anyone will actually try but it can run if there is enough RAM).

Since this is still in-complete I would recommend backing up your database before trying it out (if you plan to compile SVN code), I plan to have this ready by February but things don’t always go to plan so don’t hold you’re breath just yet. Once I finish with the loading/saving side of things I will move straight onto the hacking side of things so that the interface can at least be used for existing hack lists (I’ll work on more formats later but for now it at least supports adding in formats other than HackerEX v1 Format).

I’ll do another screen shot once I got the Hack list loading correctly. Good night 🙂

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