Many scientists try to either disprove or prove the existence of God, I realised something a while ago however that makes it impossible for God to not exist.

Let’s start with the wherever you are right now, if you walked in a single direction and could ignore gravity and your own body’s mortality and it’s solidity you would eventually come to a solid object, perhaps a wall, since in this scenario you can walk straight through it you would do that and see what is on the other side, perhaps another object or maybe more empty space, either way you would have started another start point and end point.

Now you could continue to do this on an infinite cycle eventually going past the boundaries of outer-space ( here this refers to the empty space that contains our universe ) and the cycle could still continue endlessly.

Now we apply this cycle to any direction including the size of stuff, which means smaller than even the “God Particle” that scientists are searching for or bigger than outer-space.

With this constant cycle it means that if you could live forever and go through solid objects and ignore gravity then you would eventually find some form of Magic, with this being true it also means that you would also be able to find God eventually maybe at the same time but never before since he must have Magic to be the entity that is refereed to in the Bible.

However there is still more, next we take all these things that be found with this endless cycle and refer to it as Existence, with Existence everything that has physical form of some kind must have a start and end point.

This also holds true for anything that is created, it must have a destruction point – For Life this is referred to as the conception and death of the body, I do not use the word birth here because birth cannot happen without the body first being created which here means being conceived.

This means that while God’s vessel can die his mind and power is still recreated again in another vessel that will then be used to manipulate that which God has made – this is what I believe the Bible refers to when it says God needs nothing to exist or survive.

This also holds true for people, the reason that we do not have powers like that of God however would likely be because God is overseeing this cycle and ensuring we are not given this as this power is usually used to start wars.

There we have it, the most scientific proof I can conceive for God, whether he forgives me or not for requiring this to start believing in him is something only he will know until the day my body dies.