Base framework taking shape

Some of you will have looked at the source for HackerEX and noticed that there is an additional project in the workspace named zxStuff (or xsStuff if I haven’t uploaded the changes yet), this is basically my attempt to provide a c89/c90 based framework for HackerEX to rely on.

The reason for this framework shift is the following:

  •  wxWidgets doesn’t support all the widgets/functions I desire
  •  Compiling wxWidgets turned out to be a HUMUNGOUS pain
  •  It gives me a better understanding of how C/C++ works

I figured since I was writing my own framework I best get it right the first time round so any ideas/fixes I had pop up in my head have been implemented at the first possible opportunity, which in turn allowed me to experiment with the general format/layout of zxStuff (which slowed me down on the short term but will prove faster on the long term).

I’ve now settled on a format/layout I am happy with and am in the process of ensuring everything is following that format before continuing with the rest of the framework (and of course HackerEX itself). This new framework will be much easier to compile than wxWidgets which in turn means people who wish to upgrade/expand HackerEX will have only a few issues compared to the seemingly endless number I encountered with wxWidgets.

I’ve already designed my own handler for text-boxes in C which is much easier to understand than the Win32 API that it runs on (will port to UNIX later after finishing HackerEX’s Win32 port).

Again I remind everyone that I am lazy so this may take up to a year before I have the next Binary uploaded, for now however I do a bit of reading then upload the current source of zxStuff and continue with changing the format of the remaining stuff.